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I thank you very much for the welcome! 😀

Before i can post something in this forum, i need to know all its places, in order not to ask something about php in the modding subjects, for example

Remember that i'm not so keen at deutsche spreche
Hehe, ok.

So in the Kategorie "News" we have 4 Forums.

-Neuigkeiten (Here comes the News about our Site and the Forum)
-Hardware / Software Neuigkeiten (Here everybody can post Hard/Software News)
-Overclocking & Modding Reviews (Here we talk about our Tests of the Homepage)
-Austrian Modders Reviews (Here we talk about the Tests of A-M Team)

-AMD CPUs ( Here we talk about the Overclocking of the AMD CPUs)
-Pentium CPUs (And here about the Pentium CPUs 🙂 )
-Grafikkarten Overclocking (Here we help people, who got problems with Graphiccard overclocking)

-Elektronik / Elektrik (Talk about electrical problems)
-Mods (Here abot "founded Mods")
-Cooling(Water, Air, etc) (Here about Cooling)
-Eigene Mods (Here you can post your own Mods)

-Hardware allgemein (About global Problems of Hardware)
-Marktplatz (Here you can buy/sell/search a product)
-Notfallstation (here you can posts your problems, if your Hardware is near the end 🙂 )

-Webdesign / Programmierung (Talk about Webdesign/Coding)
-GFX (About Graphics and own Works)
-Software allgemein (About global Software problems etc)
-Games (PC/Konsole) (About Games)
-Security / Network (Security / Network Problems)
-Betriebssysteme (About the Operating Systems)

---Forum Community
-Uservorstellungen (Here the People presents himselfes and say welcome)
-Feedback (Feedback about Homepage/Forum, that we can make it better)
-Offtopic / Fun (Talk about Funny Stuff and Offtopic)

I Hope i could help you.

If you got questions then you can reach us in our IRC channell or via ICQ. We would like to help you to get closer to our community and our Forum. A lot of peapol here talk or understand english. I think english is the main requirement for PC as they all are English based. Installing OS, programming php or stuff like that. So let me know if you need some help. I think the user are will welcome you and try to communicate with you.

best regards,


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