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heute stellen wir euch ein neues Tool von Anne MCCarthy vor - sie gehört zum WP-Team und bringt immer wieder sehr sehr interessante Tutorials, Dokumentationen und Handreichungen heraus

Ihre Arbeit ist absolut wertvoll - hier ein Einblick in das neues YT-Video von ihr:_

WordPress Playground: the ultimate learning, testing, & teaching tool for WordPress

Anne schreibt: This video covers WordPress Playground, an open-source project that makes makes WordPress instantly accessible for users, learners, extenders, and contributors thanks to the easy creation of instant, temporary WordPress sites in your browser. At a high level, watching this video will give you a glimpse of what it is, what it does, and how you can use it today. I highly recommend getting comfortable using it, especially as we look to the future of WordPress. Here's a link to where you can spin up your own playground version of the site I made for the presentation and see the json I used: YouTube didn't like the URL structure so I couldn't link directly!

0:00 - 1:15 Introduction
1:15 - 3:49 High level overview & FAQs
3:49 - 5:15 Demo of the WordPress Playground Block on the Block Museum
5:15 - 6:35 Demo of previewing pull requests in Gutenberg
6:35 - 8:25 Demo of creating a blueprint for testing
8:25 - 11:00 Tips & Tricks
11:00 - 11:22 Closing

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see more vids of Anne MCcarthy ::
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