ever wanted to use Git and integrate GitHub with your WordPress website?

Are you looking to use Git and integrate GitHub with your WordPress website?

Syed - from WPBeginner has written a nic manual for covering this:

Git and GitHub are essential tools for developers who want to keep track of changes in the code, manage different coding projects, and work with a team on the same code. You can also recover a stable version of your code in case something goes wrong during the development process.

In this article, we will explain everything about using Git with WordPress. cf:

What is Git?

Git, short for global information tracker, is a distributed version control system that helps track changes in different computer files or coding projects. These projects are stored in what’s called a repository (or repo), which is essentially the parent folder Git uses for storing all of the files.
Git mainly used by developers working on different software development tasks. With Git, multiple people can simply make a clone of the main repository that contains the original code.

They can then make modifications on their own computer without having to access or edit the main repository. When they have made their changes and are ready to submit them, many users will upload them to a service like GitHub that helps organize teams’ various repositories.

Git vs GitHub – What’s the Difference?
When discussing git, one of the most-asked questions is what’s the difference between Git and GitHub.
Often, beginners and new site owners think Git and GitHub are the same thing. However, there is a difference between the two.
Git is the actual version control system that lets you track changes in your code and create and sort it into something called repositories. GitHub, then, is a web hosting platform for storing Git repositories for easy team access.

You can use Git independently, keeping everything organized on a local machine, but you cannot use GitHub without Git. Besides that, there are many other Git hosting platforms, such as Launchpad, Assembla, and Bitbucket. But the most popular is GitHub, which offers additional features on top of Git.
GitHub is more suitable for companies and remote teams that have multiple people working on the same project. It’s a user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a great tool for collaborations.

Plus, it stores everything on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing your data in case your local machine gets damaged or stolen.

That said, let’s see some situations where you’d want to use Git and GitHub for WordPress development.

How to Use Git and GitHub for WordPress Development
The 2 main reasons for using Git and GitHub are for WordPress theme and plugin development.
For instance, if you’re creating a new theme or using a custom-built theme for your site, then GitHub is perfect for managing the codebase of your project.
You can simply fetch the theme repository from GitHub, make changes, and then test the theme on a local server. Once the changes are made, you can push the updated repo to GitHub and then apply changes to the theme on your live WordPress site.
Similarly, if you’re a WordPress developer who creates plugins, then you can use GitHub to manage the codebase.

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