Curved screens vs flat screens of Smartphones - what do you prefer?


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Hello everyone
After using a LG G6 ThinQ for the past year and doing some field research for a new phone over the past few weeks, I really dislike that many of the curved screens. It does not add any thing to the experience (in my opinion), it makes the phone irritating to hold the chance for accidental touches, so when watching full screen video, it can be quite annoying.

I was basically toggling between getting a Samsung S10 plus, a P30 pro or One Plus 7 Pro, when I got to the Oppo Reno 10x zoom in real life and I was in love. A flagship phone without a notch, without a curved screen and a 4000+ mAh, color me impressed.
Do you guys like flat screens on your phone or the newer curved screens and why?
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