AMA: Google Pixel 3a XL in hand


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For the past week, I've had my possession in a pre-production purple 3a XL. Here are core specs of my unit which I've used. AIDA64 for verification and other features
CPU: SD670
RAM: 4gb
Storage: 64gb
6.04 "1080x2160 AMOLED
Battery: 3700 mAh
Dual speakers (earpiece and bottom firing)
Single sim, supports e-sim
Headphone jack
No Original image size for Google photos
Call screening is present
No LED notification light
No wireless charging
Pixel 3 / 3XL cases wont fit
No wide front facing camera
Supports Night Sight
Active edge (squeeze for GA) is present
Plastic build-same design as the 3 series in terms of frosted / matte bottom and glossy plastic top and sides.

thanks for sharing the specs with us. But is there any question about or is this just for keeping us up to date? 😉

Means "Supports Night Sight" something like night vision? 😳


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