VSCode - Update 1.90.1: Überarbeitungen u. mehr!


VSCode - Update 1.90.1: Überarbeitungen u. mehr!

Die letzte Release des beliebten Editors beinhaltet etliche Neuigkeiten:

The update addresses these issues.

Welcome to the May 2024 release of Visual Studio Code. There are many updates in this version that we hope you'll like, some of the key highlights include:

  • Editor tabs multi-select - Select and perform actions on multiple tabs simultaneously.
  • Profiles - Open new windows with your preferred profile.
  • Editor actions - Immediately access editor actions across editor groups.
  • Copilot extensibility - Build AI into your extensions with the Chat and Language Model API.
  • VS Code Speech - Automatically read out Copilot Chat responses with text-to-speech.
  • Find in notebooks - Restrict search to selected cells in notebooks.
  • Chat context - Quickly attach different types of context in chat.
  • IntelliSense in chat responses - Better understand generated code with IntelliSense.



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