Starcraft Patch 1.11 released


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Blizzard hat den neuen Patch für ihr Game Starcraft und dessen Addon Brood War mit der Revision 1.11 veröffentlicht 😀.
Unter anderem behebt der Patch Fehler unter Windows NT.

Die ganze Changelog File:

  • Korean text is now preserved when it is sent to or received from
    Fixed a bug that hindered sound on NT machines.
    Fixed a bug that enabled you to make a Command Center slide into a location by building a - Comstat Station then canceling it due to lack of resources.
    Fixed a bug related to a Drone flying when surrounded by other units.
    Fixed a bug that would give you an assertion when you tell a drone to burrow as it is about to morph into a building.
    Fixed a bug that caused Templars to fly across the map when interrupting an Archon Merge.
    Fixed a bug involving a drone getting confused when recieving a second build order while in transit to complete the first one.


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