next week the first Major release of WP arrives - Version 6.5 - with the Font Library .. a long awaited feature

next week the first Major release of WP arrives - Version 6.5 - with the Font Library

Version 6.5 - with the Font Library - which was a long awaited Feature Punted to 6.5 Release; Stay tuned:

hello dear all,

.... probably excited bout the new release the first major release of WordPress in 2024....
the WordPress 6.5 is definitly the very first major release of 2024: It is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2024.

one of the major new feature is the all-new Font Library: this features was originally destined to arrive with the previous release - the Version WordPress 6.4,
Due to some circumstances this very very interesting feature later got punted to the first release of 2024 the WordPress 6.5.

Whats in it: well the The font library will allow users to upload their desired fonts or connect to Google Fonts, thereby removing the need to use any extra plugins (as it was necessary in earlier times) to achieve the same functionality.

Hard work: it was a hard work: Many developers were working on this - and have joined in the discussions on Github, Slack, and elsewhere. It was a hard work: The Font Library now is going to be shiped in WordPress 6.5
This new feature the Font-Library is part of the core now; it can be accessed from the Typography option.

see more - get more insights:

Dave (core attendand tech lead ) CUSTOM FONTS finally unlock creative freedom in the WORDPRESS 6.5 Font Library

What's New In WordPress 6.5? - Font Library, The Interactivity API, AVIF Image support and much more
The release of WordPress 6.5 is planned for March 2024. We are enthusiastic about this release, just like every other WordPress user and member of the community.

more infos, more texts, more background

wordpress Version 6.5:
more core news:


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