News-update: WordPress 6.5 release delayed 1 week

News-update: WordPress 6.5 release delayed 1 week

WordPress 6.5 release delayed 1 week

Based on community feedback on the Unblocking WP6.5 – Font Library and Synced Pattern Overrides and Font Library follow up posts, there has been a change to the WordPress 6.5 release schedule and a final change to the Font Library.
The release of WordPress 6.5 will be delayed one week and is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.

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the delay is to accommodate the following:

The directory for font storage will be changed to wp-content/uploads/fonts.
The Editor team will work on including fixes for a select few high impact bugs that have been identified with the Font Library feature in the upcoming Gutenberg 18.0.0 release. This ensures they will receive some testing before being considered for merge into trunk prior to WordPress 6.5 RC4.
An unplanned WordPress 6.5 RC4 is now scheduled for release on Donnerstag, 28. März 2024 um 17:00 MEZ with the updated font storage location and any other related bugs deemed critical to the release. This will be a normal release candidate, with the announcement being published on the News blog for extra reach.
The 1 week delay allows for ample time for testing, acknowledging that Thursday-Monday is a major holiday for parts of the globe.
Why the change?
This approach ensures that the greatest number of sites possible can benefit from the new Font Library feature without the need to install or configure anything.

While attempting to implement the originally suggested compromise, the sentiment from the trusted contributors involved was that a solution could not be shipped with a level of confidence that meets the standards that core contributors hold themselves to in the remaining time before the originally scheduled release.

After evaluating the potential options and discussing the proposed solution, the most risk averse option was determined to be storing fonts in the wp-content/uploads/fonts directory.

Shipping a feature that requires additional configuration or technical knowledge isn’t in line with the guiding philosophies that have helped the project mature into the successful project that exists today. Part of the original post was a call to return back to those project philosophies, and something this change attempts to adhere to.

The Dry run post will be updated to reflect the schedule for the new release date of 2 April.

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btw - see a litte clip of what is coming in WordPress 6.5

WordPress 6.5 - New Features, Improvements, and a Preview of Exciting Future Updates!

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