CMOS Battery, strange encounter

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Hi, when is booted up the PC today, my KBM were turning on roughly 1 minute after i pressed the power button on the PC. Also my Monitor got a signal but had black screen and when I turned my PC off again it showed a "signal disconnected". My thoughts were that its either the battery, motherboard or PSU. So I took the battery out of the motherboard, went to a store, but they had none, went back home plugged the battery back in and got, after a few moments of loading, this screen (see attachment).
I pressed continue and after a little bit more loading, the PC booted up normally and now its working fine. However, I'm afraid that its gonna happen again. Does anyone know if it actually was the battery or something else?

One more thing, I dont know if this has anything to do with this. Nevertheless, ever since I built this PC five years ago a red light is shining on the motherboard, but the PC has always worked fine. And this red light was also turning on way later than usual today.

Here are my PC specs:
Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
nvidia gforce 1080
motherboard b350 pc mate
16GB ram
PSU 700watt


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