Why is my PC having strange but massive porblems?


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Hey guys!

I asked an assistand of a local electronics-store for help and he told me tto open a thread over here.
Sorry for any language mistakes, I am german.

I'll list the problems:

Sometimes my PC struggles to boot. It happens that he gets stuck at it and does nothing until i manually shut him of by pressing the start button longe enough.

I am playing FIFA most of the time. It turns out I need a very high amout of FPS so my game is not lagging. I am not talking about 30fps or so. It happens at around 100FPS. If the game has around 110+fps my game is not lagging at all. Every number under that makes the game laggy. The issue can mostly be solved be rebooting my PC, but sometimes I need to do it twice. The issue happens at other games too. Overwatch: need the full 70 FPS. GTA V around 50fps+.

I cant watch Videos online. Twitch is working fine. But platforms like youtube etc seem to have an issue. The image is flickering in green and there are weird pixel issues. The sound how ever is working but the image itself is stuck at one point of the video. My Adobe Flash Player is up to date and so are my graphic drivers.

Sometimes my PC starts lagging itself and does respond very slow to commands like mouse clicking. At every mouse input it makes a beping noise. For better understandance i will attach two videos of showing this issue. Also my GPU, CPU etc are not even close to be fully stretched.

Also my components:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v 3 (3.3GHz)
16Gb RAM
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97M-DS3H

Also I made a BIOS update a few months ago because i read it could be the motherboards fault.

If you need other specs or information just ask.

Hope anyone can finally help with these annyoing problems.

Best regards Qwiddl


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