Schwarzer Monitor - Fehlersuche?


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I built an MSI B450M Max motherboard during the days. It ran until another hard drive was connected in addition to the m.2 drive. From then on, the monitor was no longer controlled even without a second disk. The on-light on the case didn't come on either, but the DVD drive and fan got power. I exchanged the board, chose a model that I already own and where the second hard drive can be connected, the MSI B450M Pro-VDH Max. The problem remained, Bios Reset and Clear Mos did not help. Plug and memory were checked. So it's probably not the board.

Unlike the computer that has already been tested, a Ryzen with an integrated graphics card is now installed, namely the 3 3200 G.

What can be the problem? Casing? Storage? Graphic? The packaging says that Ryzen 3 support is available. Should I install the CPU (Ryzen 5 2600+) and graphics card from the other computer in order to update the BIOS? Otherwise not possible because the monitor remains black? Or?
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Die MSI MAX Boards unterstützen alle ryzen 3000er CPUs von Haus aus.

Liste mal bitte deine gesamte Hardware auf.
Auch Bilder von aufbau wären nicht schlecht


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