Gelber QLED auf dem Motherboard verschwindet nicht und Monitor kriegt kein Output signal mehr (ENG)

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So i built my pc about a year and a half ago and since then its been running fine with a few issues here and there which i was able to fix.

Yesterday, whilst playing apex, my game suddenly crashed and i encountered the blue screen of death. My PC kept on konstantly crashing, rebooting, bluescreen, rebooting, bluescreen, etc. There i tried clean restarts, reinstalling windows and what not, nothing worked when suddenly i just got a black screen with both my monitors saying no input detected.

At that point i thought it was a GPU issue since my GPU is quite old and has been uded alot over the years, but when i tried it in a different computer it worked fine, so i ruled that out.

Thats when I noticed the yellow qled on my MB indicating a DRAM issue.

In order to fix this i attempted everything i was able to find:

-Reinstalling my RAM sticks in the correct ports and cleaning them
-Reinstalling my cpu, thermal paste and cooler to see if there was damage or installment issue and watching out not to screw the cooler on too tightly
- Tried different cables, cleaning ports and making sure all the ports are plugged in properly
- reset my cmos with battery and shortcircuiting the dedicated pins

My specs are:



Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3200Mhz ddr4 ram


Asus TUF Gaming 570x Plus

Corsair 750W Gold PSU

Samsung evo 980 m.2 SSD (OS)

Seagate barracuda HDD

I would really appreciate if someone could help me put with this because im really lost.


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