Playing with Dry Ice


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i finally got time to test dry ice for the 1st time
i gathered with 2 friends (steelballz and martakis)....
got an opty 170 (3405mhz with Prommy mach1gt full modded by |Ricky| - WR is 3470mhz by Absolute_0) .....and we were set to go

the cpu was coldbugged around -28º...-30º we had a hard time and got nothing....except...a fun afternoon.....

see the movie here

more later, i'll put 5 or 6 photos ;)

best regards for steelballzz and markatis and all other ppl that contributed to do all these


(sorry, but i don't speak german.. I'm from Portugal)


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hi , welcome to our forum :D

what clocks did you reach? vcore? who made the tube? did some super pi? :crazy:


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Hi xtasy..

i did 3440mhz @ 1.81v

the session was only to practise the insulation of motherboard and to have more experience with dry ice.

i didn't run superpi because i need to have 2 toasts open because the cpu has coldbug..

but with my prommy I do 26s with 170 :D



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well than try to beat me ^^. the memsettings werent perfect but i got 25,750 with a venice @ 3,3 ghz @ 1,72 vcore. primestable (2 hours) were 3,46 ghz @ 1,82 in the bios, so it should be around 1,9 real voltage :crazy: i posted all my results on xs


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well.. but 170 is dual core.. and venice it isn't :D

with opteron 146 i do 25.282s at 3398mhz with patriot xblk :D



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damn :crazy: yes i know its a dualcore ^^. the only dualcore i had was one of the first of the 4400+ and it was miserable to overclock. 3ghz @ 1,75 vcore :x

what were your settings for 25,282 sec?

die typen gefallen mir :banana:


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@N3RO Looks nice, but give us more results and/or benchmarks ! It harms that you have no better GPU :)

@Xtasy Jau, mir auch ^^


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Hi guys. the dice would have a better contact to the bottom of the tube if it wuoldnt be taht big. if u crush it it would be way better.

but nice results anyway.

greets masko


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mems @ 3-4-4-8 @ 1:1
boot @ 310x10
2 runs of superpi after one click on clockgen

4 runs of superpi at 3398Mhz and delete files after each run

I've one XFX 7950GX2 ;) In dry ice session i used an GTO2 and an old ATI Rage PCI

I tried to beat the WR of 170, but the cpu has coldbug with dry ice :(

I can't run spi because I need to have 2 toasts opened to "skirt" the coldbug


i've putted acetone on the bottom of the container to have a better contact with the dry ice



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@ masko

you dont need to crush the dice, you are using ethanol for better contact

@ nero

did you try to regulate the temp with the aceton? you can put a second hs on the cpu , that helps really. we had a cpu with cold bug too, and with that little trick we were able to boot up :>


Hi Everebody and Welcome 2 N3RO.

Göad to see you here finally. I was already amazed about the size of the DICE contaienr as you showed me the pcis back then. really ncie work and I'm sure this thing was way not cheap =P

Why did you guys get such a big one, store more dry ice?
One thing I don't udnerstand is why the heck you put the distance to the ground THAT highß I mena you have a very havy Dice container and the the mobo get a very hard preasure and then you put the whole preasure on the 9 points on it? This could break the PCB if I'm not wornd. What's the weight of the container actually?

The experiment was really good and interesting. Gratualtion for the work, would be cool to have benchmarks =P



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Hi bolef2k :D

how are u?

yeah, i finally decided to register me on this forum however i don't understand what do you talk :p i only see the images heheheheh =D

the container is 50cm of heigher (aprox).. yes, it's big to store more dry ice

i don't know the weight of the container.. maybe 1.5kg or less
the distance to the ground is big because if we've condensation the water fell in the table and to don't exist contact with the motherboard

to don't break the pcb we placed a screw in the center after :)

i've some results to scythe contest ;)

(my english
but you understand :) :) )

best regards :)


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next weekend i will mount again the container and run the benchmarks required to scythe contest :)


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nice work, but when you reach more exciting results you musst to get the dice in small Brickets. so the dice have more power to cool! with ethanol mix ist a bomb.
On GC a good friend from PCGH cool an X6800 under -50° Loaded @ 4,4Ghz. with small brickets of dice, on day before with crushed dice only @ -39° Load. and a tower with 35cm high is enough. for a better effect a tube with an higher diemeter is better, the high of the tower have a lower effect.

MFG invalid.

PS. wait for my dice watercooled system.


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getting more MHZ out of something called CPU? ^^

No one needs a overclocked Computer but its fun.


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if the cpu is cold, the circuits are more conducting with the same voltages of a stock cooling for example.. this allows to have more clock speed

the same diference between air cooling and water cooling ;)

just an example:

CPU X @ 1.5v (AirCooling): 2700mhz (45ºC)
CPU X @ 1.5v (WaterCooling): 2800mhz (35ºC)
CPU X @ 1.5v (Phase Change): 3100mhz (-50ºC)