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In the first Sunday of August, the Darkmoon Faire is back for one week. With the release of 8.0, the Darkmoon Faire now contains Hot Buttered Popcorn, a new toy! More events on WoW can be found at, the most reliable website to buy WoW gold and WoW items at a lower price! Fast delivery & refund policy are guaranteed.

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So what Raiditem prepare for you before August 14th? Read on!
300/350 WoW BoE Gear
1. Oprescu's Gilded Touch(Pre-Sale)
2. Khayurn, Blade of the Wolves(Pre-Sale)
3. Kalieve's Kickers(Pre-Sale)
4. Darkmoon Deck Blockades(Pre-Sale)
5. Bygone Bee' Almanac(Pre-Sale)

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