Achtung beim Display Wechsel Face ID


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So Leute hier mal eine Info für die Display wechsler unter euch ....

Face ID ist wie der Homebutton ... Also ja nicht das Kabel von der 3D Kamera beschädigen.

Hier die erklärung dazu:

Dear sir,

Warming tips you need to know about exchanging iPhone X TrueDepth camera:
Truedepth camera system is the keypoint of iphone X undoubtedly,it includes three parts:infrared camera,front camera and dot projector.
The Face ID works in this wayot projector projects 3 million invisible light to user's face,
then infrared camera catches facial lattice picture,and deliver the data to A11 processor,match the Face ID to unlock it.

During our tech team's testment for iPhone X TrueDepth camera flex,and according to the Face ID working theory,the infrared camera is encrypted by Apple.
In this case,Face ID function will be totaly disabled after installing a new infrared camera,just like the Touch ID we had experienced before.
And front camera and dot projector can be replaced individually,and will not influence the face recognition.
One iPhone X only has one corresponding TrueDepth camera.
So please be more careful while repairing to avoid the flex getting broken,otherwise,you will lose your Face ID ever,and work in vain for a month.


Deswegen wechseln man nicht Displays bei so Handys bei irgendeinem Händler... einfach da mehr aufpassen...
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