1156er-Sockel-Board mit Low-Powerstate C6/C7


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...ich falle aus allen Löchern beim blättern im Mobo-Manual.
Ist das tatsächlich wahr, dass Intel/Gigabyte bereits bei (Highend-)LGA1156-Boards (Chipset P55A) den C6/C7 Low-Powerstate kannte? :confused:
Zitat: C3/C6/C7 State Support
Allows you to determine whether to let the CPU enter C3/C6/C7 mode in system halt state. When enabled, the CPU core frequency and voltage will be reduced during system halt state to decrease power consumption. The C3/C6/C7 state is a more enhanced power-saving state than C1. Auto lets the BIOS automatically configure this setting. (Default: Auto)
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