Best Pocket Knives Of This Year

Do you feel that the best pocket knife can become a time-consuming task when there are hundreds of choices at different manufacturers?

In the past, a lot of people liked using traditional knives for everyday tasks. However, things are gradually changing over time, best pocket knives becoming better with time than ever.

And now, you need the best folding knife for a variety of reasons, from small chores at home to large tasks when camping. However, we can say that the factors that you should consider when deciding to buy your best pocket knives in the world a pocket knife are their ruggedness, the durability of the blade and the material that makes them.

Kershaw Cryo Folding Knife

The Cryo pocket knife has a total length of 6.5 inches; The Cryo blade is 2.75 inches long and weighs 4.2 ounces. This is an ideal knife for light and small jobs. Through experiments, Cryo completed the work with small details.

If you're someone who loves bigger knives; Unfortunately, Cryo is quite light and compact. Personally speaking, the weight of a knife does not determine its effectiveness, and Cryo is quite suitable for everyday tasks.


In addition, the blade is an attractive design detail. Cryo has a reasonably thin and thin head behind the edge. It works very well if you use it to cut materials like leather and cardboard.

The entire knife, including the blade and handle, has been coated with titanium carbide.

In ergonomics and handling, the 8Cr knife is made from stainless steel. Maybe you know the whole knife is made in China. For the price, I think you have no problem with the source of steel or manufacturing, 8Cr13MoV can handle what you need. After reviewing everything, 8Cr works well for $ 30.

Benchmade Griptilian

Benchmade of Griptilian 551 is a full-sized pocket knife, voted one of the best quality pocket knives. In between the options, this tool creates a smooth, proactive punch. Benchmade has optimized this pocket knife to become smaller for you to carry around daily; this is suitable for those who do not have much pocket space.

Benchmade blades are known for their smooth and easy cutting. The craftsmen consider the Griptilian 551 to be a good pocket knife, and it can handle robust work.

In ergonomics, Griptilian's full-sized handle fills a loose fist, which allows you to leave smooth curves on the surface you're processing. The user can pull the knife from the cutting position of the pocket clip that is attached to the knife. The nice thing about using Griptilian is that you can switch its function regardless of whether you put it in your left or right pocket.

And now let's talk about the mobility of Griptilian. It's quite light, but Griptilian actually takes up significantly more space than other pocket knives. It is also a spare hunting knife or tool in your repair box. However, Griptilian is a bit expensive compared to other brands.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

First, when it comes to overall dimensions and blade details, Paramilitary 2 has a total length of 8.3 inches, a blade length of 3.4 inches, and a weight of 3.75 ounces. This is a medium-sized knife made in the US; it is designed to be a tactical knife or a utility folder in the top folding knives.

We also understand like many people, this is an EDC knife. Personally, Paramilitary 2 is a bit bigger than other regular pocket knives. However, it would be a useful tool for a weekend picnic.

Para 2 has an old-style Spyderco cutter. It is completely ground and made from a 3.5mm blade. You can use the knife to chop the meat as it is proven to accomplish this task.

We realize that this is one of the great pocket knives for preparing food. For example, with a 3.4 blade, Para 2 makes the job a lot easier, you can cut a lot of different raw and cooked foods even thin or thick.

When buying Para 2, you can choose the coating for your pocket knife, including a satin-like carbon coating or diamond for your special Para 2.

In terms of handles and ergonomics, the unique handle of Paramil 2 is the black G10 with a stainless steel lining. This steel liner helps reduce the weight of the knife, and as a result, this pocket knife weighs only 3.75 ounces.

Everything is perfectly tied together; this creates a Para 2 that has a top-notch processing function.

Zero Tolerance 0470

Zero Tolerance 0470's blade is made from alloy and is one of the best rated pocket knives - Best pocket knife in the world. The alloy makes it more capable of holding edges than S30V and S35V steel - and you know, with both materials the ability to hold edges is quite strong.

Zero Tolerance 0470 is a harder steel mixture; this material creates the force needed to break the strength of the ZT blade with S30V steel and on par with S35V steel.

The shape of Zero Tolerance 0470 is a classic design with a shallow clip on the head. The part of the knife is made of weaker alloy, so hard steel will help keep the piercing from being broken.

Zero Tolerance 0470 has a length of 3.4 inches (total length when opened is 7.8 inches), so with the relatively high length of this blade, Zero Tolerance 0470 can be banned in some countries. For example, Canada bans Zero Tolerance 0470 entirely. If you want to own it, make sure the laws in your area allow it.

Spyderco Tenacious G-10

Spyderco Tenacity G-10 possesses an integrity blade. Why do we say that? The first thing we want to talk about is the sharpness of a knife. You can use Spyderco to shave. Is that interesting?

Next, the material of the blade that makes up the G-10 becomes whole with high edge sharpness. Steel 8Cr13Mov is the material that Spyderco uses to create Tenacity knives which are highly appreciated by experts. However, in the end, they are still not the best steel in the business.


If you are a shopper with knowledge of top-rated pocket knives, 8Cr13Mov steel is actually China's famous AUS8 steel version. Please be assured that the Spyderco hardening process is high-quality pocket knives.

Next is ergonomics, in most ways Spyderco's form is pragmatic. The handle is quite square with a clean blade, slightly square at the back edges. The size of Spyderco is optimized to do heavy and heavy tasks well.

It can be hung at the top or bottom of your pocket, Spyderco also has a blade that can be opened with both your left or right thumb. Even if you don't like its robust look and configuration, you can fully customize these functions at the store.

Last words

If you are looking for best rated pocket knives? Here we give you the most authentic review.

We synthesize research on real tests, including material, durability, and price. And finally, we have identified the great pocket knives on the market. If you find this information useful, please share it with your friends.
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